Why Do We Need EV in India?
The e-mobility market in India is booming and lucrative. After China and the US, India is the third biggest polluter in the world. Along with placing people's lives in danger, the massive industrialization of the nation and the pollutants from hundreds of millions of automobiles powered by gasoline and diesel are destroying the environment.
30 Mar 2023
Types of Electric Two-wheeler Chargers
With the current electric vehicle industry buzz, the two-wheeler segment is gaining traction in India. It is the fastest-growing demographic group in the EV segment, with many startups and mainstream brands releasing EV models into the market. With the auto industry currently transitioning to electric mobility, charging infrastructure has become critical. This information is also necessary for users to charge their electric scooters and motorcycles.
15 Mar 2023
Why You Need to Maintain Your Electric Scooter Tyre Pressure?
Why It is Important to Keep Your Tyre Pressures at the Correct Level – Tires are the only thing between you and the ground on an electric scooter in India. Because of this, they are essentially important for both your personal security and the way your electric scooter in India looks.
01 Mar 2023
Electric Vehicles Battery Swapping: Types, Advantages & Limitations
Everyone is looking for EV charging infrastructure, whether they are manufacturers, electric vehicle owners, or consumers, including those who are planning to buy. Although the present EV charging infrastructure is inadequate to fulfill the government's target of becoming an EV hotspot by 2030. As a result, several EV manufacturers and the government are taking initiatives to establish EV charging stations, ensuring that India has an increasing number of charging stations that encourage the use of electric vehicles.
27 Dec 2022
CO2 Emission Effect on Human Health & It’s Solution
Carbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere have never been higher than they are now. CO2 levels have recently reached 410 ppm. There are compelling reasons to be concerned about rising CO2 levels, as they will have disastrous consequences for human health.
04 Dec 2022
Battery Charging Versus Battery Swapping: Find Pros and Cons
The batteries are an important part of the current transition to an electric future and will play a significant role in reducing the negative effects of climate change. All electric vehicles use an electric motor powered by batteries rather than the traditional internal combustion engine that uses non-renewable resources such as petrol and diesel.
30 Nov 2022
How to Maintain Electric Scooters | Tips for Long Life
Although electric scooters are said to be durable, most e-scooters have a limited lifespan. Depending on the quality of your electric scooter and how much you use it, it can last for three years or more. Over time, you will notice a decrease in the efficiency of your electric scooter. This could mean less range and speed, as well as more maintenance.
21 Nov 2022
Top 5 Longest Range Electric Scooters in India
Many EV companies are planning to launch their respective EV models in 2022 to enter the market and offer non-polluting environmentally friendly vehicles. However, with so many brands entering the electric market, buyers are often left with unanswered questions.
11 Nov 2022
Is the EV two-wheeler buzz real or imaginary?
Electric scooters and motorcycles are gradually becoming mainstream transportation as India's major automobile manufacturers enter battery-powered electric vehicle manufacturing. The government has set a goal of becoming 90 percent electric by 2025, backed by the "Make in India" initiative and the rise of indigenous start-ups. In the last three years, the e-scooter and motorcycle markets have grown substantially.
01 Nov 2022
Top Reasons You Should Buy Electric Scooters
These are very practical modes of transportation and many individuals feel that soon they will significantly reduce the usage of cars. Particularly with the fact that they are far less expensive than cars, individuals can afford to buy them and use them.
25 Aug 2022
How To Find The Right Electric Scooter For Your Specific Needs
Electric scooters are gaining popularity as a mode of transportation. They offer the convenience of a bicycle in a smaller package that does not require peddling. Electric scooters come in a variety of sizes, and the best one for you will depend on what you intend to use them for.
24 Aug 2022
List of Electric Scooters Under Rs. 1.5 Lakh in India
We understand how difficult it is to find a feature-rich electric scooter that does not cost a fortune. That is why we have compiled a list of the best Electric Scooters available in India for under 1.5 lakh rupees.
23 Aug 2022
How Do You Save Money With Electric Scooters?
It's not surprising that more and more people are choosing to ride e-scooters due to may reasons such as it's speed, range, battery based drive and ease of use. Aside from these benefits, one major advantage of using electric scooters is the cost savings. This electric scooter guide explains how you can save even more money by switching to e-scooters.
23 Aug 2022
Explained: EV Batteries Fire Catching Reasons and Prevention Tips
To understand the issue in a better sense, we have noted down some points to provide a comprehensive look at the reasons why lithium-ion electric vehicles catch fire and how to avoid an EV battery fire.
17 May 2022
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